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    Growing Georgia's Future Together: Beckles for District 96


    For over twenty years, Georgia has been my home. Serving my fellow citizens and upholding our principles has been my top priority. Following a distinguished tenure on the Norcross City Council, I am ready to represent you as your next State Representative for District 96!


    As an IT Cybersecurity Professional, I have gained extensive cross-industry business experience in global investment banking, institutional brokerage, public accounting, multi-national financial services, international media/entertainment, and healthcare.

    My education spans several disciplines: Marketing and Sales, Management and Computer Information Systems, and Project Management. The capstone of my academic journey, a Doctorate in Organizational Leadership, focused on Emotional Intelligence and
    Leader Effectiveness. My research entitled "The Relationship Between Emotional Intelligence, Leadership Style and Leader Effectiveness: A
    Quantitative Correlation Study" was published in May 2018 and has since been cited—eight times by future doctoral students.


    I'm enrolled in a Juris Master's Program in Cybersecurity, Privacy, and Technology Risk Management at Florida State University School of Law.


    In closing, as I step forward to represent the diverse voices and needs of District 96, we will work tirelessly to address the issues
    facing our district, from healthcare access to education equity and economic revitalization.


    Let us join hands and continue shaping a brighter future for our families, neighborhoods, and our beloved state of Georgia.


    Thank you for your unwavering support, I will be honored to serve as your next Georgia State Representative for District 96!


    SMS: 770-430-1203
    Email: BecklesDistrict96@gmail.com

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    Community Engagement

    -Appointed Imagination Chair by Norcross City Council 2009
    -Norcross Police Appreciation Committee 2009
    -Vice President Norcross Arts Alliance 2009-2012
    -Gwinnett Neighborhood Leadership Institute (GNLI) 2011
    -StriplingES School Council
    -SummerourMS School Council
    -GNLI Advisory Board 2011 – 2015
    -Chairs for Charity Norcross
    -Norcross Cluster Schools Partnership
    -Creekside Park HOA Founding President
    -Mayor's Recognition Norcross Volunteer 2012
    -2013 Time Warner Andrew Heiskell Award Nominee
    -Named Influential Person of Norcross 2012
    -Co-Chair Sustainable Norcross 2011 & 2012 - Collaborated with Summerour Middle School, The City of Norcross, and Safe Routes to School, the group was awarded $1.1 million in Infrastructure funding for improvements within a 2-mile radius of the elementary/middle school, benefiting the community

    -Leadership Gwinnett Class of 2015

    -Vice-Chair Gwinnett County Transit Board 2019 - 2022 - Appointed by County Commissioner Ben Ku

    -Dekalb Police Alliance Board Member 2019

    -Transformative Emotional Intelligence (TEI) Foundation 2019

    -Founding Member – The CyberDuo 2019

    -Project Linus Norcross 2019

    -Presenter GMA Convention: Cyber Attacks-Perilous Waters 2022

    -Diversity, Equity & Inclusion GMA Training Videos 2021 and 2022

    -Norcross Public Arts Commission Council Liaison 2021-2024

    -State of Georgia Cybersecurity Planning Committee 2023

    *Norcross City Council 2021-2024

  • Legislative Priorities

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    Championing Housing Affordability and Rental Protections

    Supporting policies ensuring fair rents, combating housing discrimination, and promoting affordable housing initiatives. I pledge to tirelessly safeguard residents' rights, fostering inclusive communities where everyone can afford a place to call home.

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    Prioritizing Reproductive Health and Our Rights and Liberties

    By advocating for comprehensive access to reproductive healthcare, defending bodily autonomy, and ensuring equitable reproductive rights for all. I vow to champion policies safeguarding reproductive freedoms, empowering individuals, and promoting reproductive justice for every resident.

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    Advocating for Quality Healthcare and Access

    I will fight for equitable healthcare policies, expanding medical services, and reducing healthcare disparities. I am committed to ensuring every resident can access affordable, high-quality healthcare,
    prioritizing preventative care and mental health services, and addressing healthcare inequities across our community.

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    Promoting Greater Mobility and Transit Options

    Collaborating on robust public transportation networks, expanding bike lanes, and enhancing pedestrian
    infrastructure. I pledge to join stakeholders to implement sustainable solutions, improve accessibility, and reduce congestion, fostering a more connected and environmentally friendly community for all residents.

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    Focusing on the Next Generation Through Enhanced School Resources

    Advocate for funding that is sustainable, modernized facilities, and innovative educational programs. I'm
    committed to empowering educators, supporting diverse learning needs, and providing the tools for every student to thrive academically, socially, and emotionally.

  • Interactions

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    Ballotpedia's Candidate Connections - View my 2024 Survey Responses here.

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    Gwinnett Forum 2024 Endorsement

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    City of Norcross - Mayor Craig Newton 2024 Endorsement


    Beckles for House District 96

    Dr. Beckles embodies the integrity, intelligence, and empathy needed in a State Representative. She has a robust community advocacy background and is dedicated to ensuring equitable opportunities for all. Her commitment to transparency and collaboration makes her the ideal choice to represent our diverse voices in District 96.

    I wholeheartedly endorse Dr. Beckles!

    Mayor Craig NewtonCity of Norcross

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    Gwinnett Chairwoman - Nicole Love Hendrickson 2024 Runoff Endorsement


    I’ve known Dr. Arlene Beckles for more than a decade. She’s a friend, an advocate, and a dedicated community leader. And that’s why I am proud to endorse her candidacy for House District 96. As a former Norcross City Councilwoman, Dr. Beckles has worked collaboratively with county officials to bring positive change to the Gwinnett community. Her innovative ideas and unwavering commitment to our County make her the perfect choice to represent us in the State Legislature!





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    Common Good - I strongly believe in the power of community and unity to drive positive change. I'm all about working together for the good of all!

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